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Steven Alan Sale Preview Draws 'Em In

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We're sure we don't have to you that the Steven Alan sample sale is a big deal; it's not only hugely anticipated by devotees of his button-downs and tailored casual wear, but it's also giant in scope.

This evening, during the friends and family preview, we managed to whet our appetite for tomorrow's big blowout, and so let us tempt you as well. The main level is all Steven Alan merchandise for both men and women, with men's ties at $25, PJ sets for $35 and suiting between $50-$150. Women have it a tad cheaper, looking towards loungewear and underwear from $5 up to $99 dresses.

On the lower level, there is a small rack of children's clothing, but the real draw are men's shoes for $75-$100 and women's Gryson handbags between $250 and $100. Frankly, we much more enjoyed digging up to our elbows in the Jack Rabbit purses, and there's plenty to go around.

For more brands and pricing, check out our extensive gallery above. Good news: they will be restocking throughout the sale, so don't fret if, when you're standing in line tomorrow, you have a psychic sense that someone totally bought the last medium madras button-down. It'll be back, and so will we.
· Dealfeed: Steven Alan [Racked]

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