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Today in Collabs: Rachel Comey for Urban Outfitters, Paul Smith for Oakley

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The designer collaboration trend is that rare boom-time innovation that actually translates to a recession. People might no longer want to spend $300 on an Alexander Wang tank top, but they'll still buy his pants for $74.50 at the Gap. Today's news brings two more matches between a designer and mass retailer:

1.) Rachel Comey has quietly created three pairs of shoes for Urban Outfitters, which presumably didn't publicize them because they had twenty other designer collabs begging for attention. The line is called Contributer by Rachel Comey, and it consists of wooden heels, canvas oxfords, and flat sandals, all done in her trademark slightly seventies, slightly geeky aesthetic.

2.) UK designer Paul Smith applies his dry British wit to Oakley's sunglasses. The shades resulting from this union are playful, neon, and limited—Oakley's only produced 500 of each style. (They also look awfully Ray-Bannish, don't they?)
· Contributor by Rachel Comey [StyleCaster]
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