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Diesel's Customer Satisfaction Survey: Unsatisfying

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The survey begins.  Image via <a href="">Consumerist</a>
The survey begins. Image via Consumerist

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We're beginning to get the feeling that Diesel's marketing department is occupied entirely by frustrated MFAs in experimental fiction. Consumerist spends some time today close-reading the surrealist customer satisfaction survey that came packaged with a pair of shoes. It asks buyers to rate the accuracy of statements like this:

I am imprisoned, serving 5 life sentences, my inmates are angry and upset about the flippant lack of soap in the shower rooms. I invent and energetically take to market a brand new top of the range shower gel with the great satisfaction of making the world that little bit better than I found it.
Your options for answers, by the way, are "Actively Agree," "Passively Agree," "Falsification of the truth" and "Can you repeat the question?" No, seriously, can you?
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