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More Boring Videos from Chanel, This Time of Venice

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As one of the last major fashion houses to continue with the Resort season fashion show, we are right to expect big things from Chanel's upcoming Venice catwalk.

This time, instead of the airplane hangar in Santa Monica or the Raleigh Hotel pool in Miami as in years past, Karl takes us into the canals of Venice where Coco herself found refuge and solace after the death of her lover in 1919. Therefore, we doubt this will be a colorful or ostentatious show.

Nonetheless, the Kaiser has to keep the press train chugging along and so he has released two teaser videos before the collection shows on the Lido on May 14. The second (and most interesting) video is posted above, and we have to say that we are terribly unimpressed. Why even make this a video when it like a few photographs with movement and a melancholic soundtrack?

Perhaps they spent all of their mini-film budget on the Chanel No. 5 video with Audrey Tautou? In any case, we're hoping that Karl makes it up on Thursday with a stunning show. At least then we'll have something worthwhile to watch.
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