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Operations MePa Undergoing Serious Surgery

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This could very well be a "Discontinued" post for the Operations store on Ninth Avenue on the cusp of the Meatpacking District, but we are loathe to let it go. Having only just expanded to this space from their single Soho store in October, Operations MePa looks to either be undergoing remodeling or closing outright.

Peeking in sure didn't give us any reassurance, as all we saw were bare floors, bare brick walls, and empty shelves with construction tools strewn about. This change is also not well-timed, seeing as how the spring/summer shopping season is upon us, bringing with it an influx of strolling tourists to this area.

The boutique's fate only gets more mysterious as the Operations designers, and this store in particular, were profiled on Stylecaster on this last Monday. Rest assured that we'll be praying for this Made-in-NYC label, if only to keep a fro yo chain or another sunglasses shop out.
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