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Now Open: Save Fashion Brings Rick Owens and Friends to 42nd Street

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Refinery 29's Port Authority pop-up, Save Fashion, opened this morning, and already fashion should feel a little bit less precarious. The space, at 41st Street and Eighth Avenue, feels big and airy, with plenty of room for rack upon rack of discounted Rachel Comey, Charlotte Ronson, VPL, Cardigan, BOY by Band of Outsiders, and other brands. (It's also big enough to accommodate lots of shoppers, meaning if you want to go on your lunch break, you probably won't have to wait in line.)

Nicest surprise: The selection of ragged cotton tank tops and sweatshirts from a top secret designer. Stand next to the rack long enough and a Save Fashion employee will conspiratorially whisper that said designer is Rick Owens. It's hard to imagine a better deal on his gothy tops: Tanks are $28 and sweatshirts not much more than that. In general, prices stayed under $200, with the exception of some BOY blazers, and we found plenty of shirts and accessories in the $50 range.

The place, by the way, is literally in the bus station (although the entrance is on the street.) As a result, it's going to attract great foot traffic and a wide, un-sample-sale-like range of people. On our way out, for example, we passed a tiny elderly woman in a babushka on her way in. We can only assume she's now the proud owner of at least one deconstructed tank top.
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