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Topshop Nonstop

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Eric Wilson of the Times attempts to understand the Topshop style advisers, whose "mission is to spread the gospel of mixing orange with pink." To Wilson, the style advisers are integral to the store's hip reputation: "These are clothes so absurdly trendy that shoppers might think they were at Forever 21, or even Bang Bang, if it were not for the higher prices, with dresses often costing $100 to $150, and the marketing of Topshop as a destination for cool design. The creative style of the sales staff helps to create that illusion. Requirements include an exuberant sense of personal style, the ability to size up customers and explain what styles would best fit their body types, a bubbly personality and, above all, an encyclopedic knowledge of what Nicole Richie, Peaches Geldof and Sarah Jessica Parker wore when last picking up coffee at Starbucks." [NYT]


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