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Launches & Releases: Paper Denim & Cloth Co-Founder Stages a Comeback

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Images via WWD

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After parting ways with Paper Denim & Cloth nearly two years ago, co-founder Chris Gilbert is ready to jump back into the denim game. His new venture, Resin, promises to combine impeccable fit and detail with a palatable price tag.

While Resin's jeans will be manufactured between Asia and LA, WWD reports their aesthetic owes more to downtown New York. Women's styles will include skinny flares, boyfriend and legging cuts, while the men's offerings skew more traditional, with "relaxed skinny" and straight fits. Washes veer towards the dark and industrial, while pocket linings will be designed by an emerging artist each season. And the best part? No pair will cost more than $150. Says Gilbert: “My biggest goal is for someone to pick out a pair, try them on, and be shocked when they see the price.”
· Chris Gilbert Returns to Denim with Resin [WWD, sub. required]