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"I think too many people were expecting the Second Coming with Topshop. At the end of the day, it's fast fashion–relatively cheap and something to get you in step with the trends rather conveniently. Much like sifting through the racks at Century 21 or sprinting around a sample sale, sometimes you'll score a highly tasteful treasure and a lot of the time you just won't. You want quality and incredible service, you pay for it. That's it. Having said that, I love Uniqlo (even though their tailored clothing is only passable) because if you need an anonymous way to buy into a trend (as many over 30 do) or a hipper version of staple basics, they are your resource. Plus, the Japanese minimal approach to merchandising is always refreshing to step into when you're traipsing around town at the breakneck pace that New York wrests out of you." [Topshop Backlash]


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