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IM Rant: I Just Don't Get Topshop

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The red area in Topman

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Not everyone is head-over-heels for Topshop. Some people, like the owner of nearby gallery The Puffin Room, are horrified but the store's presence. Others, like the Racked informant we just had an IM conversation with about Topman, are simply mystified by the place's popularity:

(12:06pm) NonTopshopper: Topshop sucks.
(12:06pm) RackedBot: You went?
(12:07pm) NonTopshopper: Yep. The clothes suck.
(12:08pm) RackedBot: The menswear? Kind of bright and tacky, right?
(12:08pm) NonTopshopper: The labels on their tees are meant to mimic American Apparel. And the labels on their flannels look like Supreme!
(12:08pm): NonTopshopper: $60 for a mass market flannel, I'll drop the $110 on the real thing.
(12:09pm) NonTopshopper: The women's clothes are like almost stripper gear.
(12:09pm) RackedBot: I did see a lot of micro-minis.
(12:10pm) NonTopshopper: I just don't get it!

(12:10pm) NonTopshopper: And there's a skinny tie on EVERYTHING. Hanging over a short sleeve henley, tied around a plaid flannel.
(12:11pm) RackedBot: What about the shoes?
(12:11pm) NonTopshopper: You have to be daft to buy a pair of those things. Across the board, it's amazing to me. And the tee shirts! "Holy shih tzu" Um, really?
(12:12pm) NonTopshopper: Topman is like if Sheboygan had a really hopping gay scene.
(12:13pm) RackedBot: So I take it you didn't buy anything.
(12:13pm) NonTopshopper: Nope.
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