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Topshop Nonstop: How to Beat the Topshop Line

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Waiting to enter Topshop on opening day

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The Topshop line is a curious beast. In the days since the store has opened, it has disappeared entirely, only to reappear during sunny, late-in-the-day hours. Based on firsthand experience, common sense and whispers from Racked informants, we've determined that the best way to beat the Topshop line is to a) go early, like 11am; and b) go during inclement weather, which should be pretty easy since it's supposed to rain off and on this entire week. If you want to stop by during prime shopping hours, be prepared for twenty to thirty minute waits. Even if the store isn't particularly crowded, during the busier hours of the day they've cruely been making people queue up to enter. Don't forget: you can help your fellow shoppers by tweeting your Topshop line updates to @Racked.
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