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James Perse's New Hardline Approach to Fashion Editorials Ruffles Some Feathers

Soothing photos of cotton casuals via James Perse

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It sounds like like James Perse is sick of lending out its cotton basics to fashion magazines and getting them back abused and grubby (if they get them back at all.) The label has started making editors pre-pay for their products—at a 10% discount—and charging them another 20% restocking fee if they're not returned within ten days. And t-shirts, underwear, shoes and swimwear can't be returned at all—you shoot it, you bought it. While WWD seems to find these new rules distasteful, Fashionista sees where the brand is coming from: "Back in the day when we used to assist on shoots, we saw many, many James Perse items shot on many starlets, later to be credited as part of the basics collection of designers that actually advertise."
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