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In the Window: Bergdorf Is In Lanvin La La Land

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For Bergdorf Goodman to devote most of their massive Fifth Avenue windows to a single designer is quite a spring compliment to Lanvin, whose intricately-beaded sheaths and flouncy frocks beckon window shoppers to step up for a closer look.

Of course it's not only the clothing causing a stir on the streets; the windows feature whimsical touches like monkeys climbing a tower of accordions, ventriloquist dummies hanging out on a floating purple divan, and Bryanboy's favorite dress paired with a hula hoop. Alber be praised, they've taken the windows to theatrical heights and we couldn't be more entertained by them.

Above may be a sumptuous gallery of highlights from the windows, but can anything really beat seeing it for oneself? After all, this may be the closest some women will get to new Lanvin pearls in this economy.
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