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RackedWire: Housing Works and the Shoe Market Embrace Good Causes

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A sign in the Gramercy Housing Works on 23rd Street
A sign in the Gramercy Housing Works on 23rd Street

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NEW YORK CITY—Housing Works is flirting with environmentalism. Instead of giving people new shopping bags for their purchases, they're reusing the ones donations come in. And they're no longer giving out paper receipts, although you can still get one if you pay with a credit card or make a specific request. These are temporary changes for the month of April, but if they go well, they'll turn into official store policy. [RackedWire]

WILLIAMSBURG—Shoe stores are all about good deeds right now. In an across-the-river riposte to Sigerson Morrison's can drive, Shoe Market is offering 15% off any new shoe in the store if you bring in a pair of gently-worn old shoes. Your donation will go to Soles 4 Souls, which began as a way to get shoes to victims of Hurricane Katrina and now helps the shoeless around the world. [Racked Inbox]

Housing Works Thrift Shop - Chelsea

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