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Lineblogging: Manhattanites Have a Bad Case of Choo

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The one-day, six-hour-long Jimmy Choo sample sale is upon us. We've already journeyed inside for the press preview, now a Racked correspondent is outside in line with the general public to enter. Wait with her, won't you?

1:19pm: Okay, I'm here. The line to get in is around the corner.

1:21pm: Ridiculous! Didn't they see the preview pics? It's longer than the Hermes line was.

1:23pm: It's like a four hour wait. The line goes up 18th Street to Sixth Avenue, north on Sixth to 19th, and then halfway down that block!

1:27pm: Crowd is all well-dressed, most with luxury brand handbags. Most girls in friend groups of 4-6. It's as if they are all doing this over their lunchbreak.

1:33pm: There are a lot of girls who, when reaching the end of the line, immediately call friends to warn them.

1:34pm: Most overheard exclamation—"This is CRAZY!"

1:36pm: Line just majorly moved, but a huge batch of new arrivals to the line make it still reach halfway down 19th.

1:38pm: This line is officially bigger than last year's epic Hermes line.

1:43pm: I see five men in line. One is totally here with his daughter.

1:47pm: Ten women just exited. Two had shopping bags. One was small—maybe one pair of shoes—but the other was chock-full of purses.

1:49pm: I'm right by the door and there are scores of town cars dropping off women who go right in, on account of the list.

2:00pm: If people planned on hitting this over their lunchbreak, they should have sent an assistant or intern or someone to get in line at 11am.

2:01pm: Guy crossing the street by me just said, "You'd think they had invented a ladies-only swine flu shot."

2:03pm: Line length update: holding steady at halfway down 19th Street. Might be time to abandon ship.
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