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RackedWire: Fashion Gets Saved at the Port Authority Tomorrow; Kate Spade Mother's Day Cards

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MIDTOWN WEST—Lest you forget, let us remind you that massive, Port Authority-adjacent pop-up shop/sample sale Save Fashion opens tomorrow at 10am. The Cut has a great video showcasing some of the amazing deals on offer, and we have some pics from our trip 'round the place yesterday when they were still unboxing the merch. Come armed with snacks for the inevitable wait to get in, or risk the dodgy slices from the 99 cent pizza place nearby. [RackedWire]

FLATIRON—The Jimmy Choo sale might have been a bust for the majority of the masses who waited in line all afternoon, but at least it helped one shopper honor his mother. Writes a tipster: "After the Jimmy Choo sale madness, I walked by the Kate Spade store on 5th Avenue, and they were giving out free mother's day cards with postage...which is helpful because i just blew most of my money on shoes for mom's day and really didn't feel like adding a card to my tab. I love my mom but I have rent to pay." Good advice! Also, now we feel like terrible children by comparison. [Racked Inbox]

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