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Storecasting: Swarovski Crystallized Will Bring "Ooo, Sparkly!" Back to Broadway

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While this is definitely not a climate for more diamond stores, it's brands like Swarovski which will be rising up to flex their cheaper, but no less blingy, muscles. In this case, we are totally not surprised to note that the newest plywood on Broadway in Soho?now that the Topshop wall has been torn down?will become a storefront for Swarovski's latest brand venture: Crystallized.

Ignoring the drivel which is their brand statement, as it told us completely nothing, we looked instead to their online collection. After browsing through mentions of crystal tattoos, "trans fabric" and "crystal yarn," we have to conclude that this is something of a Swarovski trimmings shop, which would better fit into the Garment District if that weren't suffering. Being on Broadway however, they better have a few grab-and-go items for the inevitable glut of tourists attracted to shiny things.
· Swarovski Crystallized [Official Site]