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Collabs: Christian Siriano Tones it Down for Payless

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If you were one of the people who saw photos of Christian Siriano's spiky shoes for Payless that appeared on the runway in February and wondered who, exactly, would buy and wear those shoes: the answer is, no one. Payless held a preview of their fall collection today in the Flatiron District, and we spotted nary a spike on display. Turns out those super-high, deadly-looking heels were produced just for the runway. What customers will see in stores come mid-August is, more or less, pictured above (we got two snaps in before we were told that we weren't allowed to take photos because they might tweak the designs a bit more before they're released).

There's a very wearable and stylish bootie, available in black and a greeny, "hieroglyphic"-type print; a flat; a pump with chain detail; and a peep-toe heel with ankle straps—plus a handbag and a clutch (click here for a bigger image). All pieces should retail for less than $45. Siriano's signed a multi-year contract with Payless, so this is just a taste of what's to come. While he's under contract, all his runway shows will feature Payless shoes—just don't expect to see the same pairs in stores six months later.
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