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The Truth Behind the Mysterious Jersey Apple Kiosk

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Like an urban myth, the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City is discussed by Manhattanites in hushed tones and with a degree of skepticism, as if the existence of its Arby's and Kohl's is a guarded secret passed down through generations of NYU freshmen.

Although we have to admit that yes, there is an Arby's and full-fledged suburbanish department stores within a 10-minute commute of the city, we nonetheless have to squash the rumor of an Apple store emerging as a kiosk. Thanks to a commenter and some reconnaissance of our own yesterday, we've uncovered that while there still is no Apple store in the mall, this kiosk by Kohl's is nothing more than an authorized dealer of a few Apple products.

Run by a company called m2m, the kiosk claims a single employee, who we suppose answers a lot of iPhone questions all day despite there being a ginormous AT&T store across the aisle. It's located in what we'd call "the hall of a thousand cell phones," as this wing of the mall boasts everything from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile stores, to those little carts piled full of bedazzled iPod cases. When an Apple store finally decides to grace Jersey City with its presence, this hall will totally be its destination. Until then, however, we'll just have to have another beef 'n cheddar.
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