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At the Union Square Virgin, Closing Sales Make Things More Expensive

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Signage from a much better Virgin sale back in January
Signage from a much better Virgin sale back in January

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As the economy knocks off more and more big chains, you can start to see patterns in the way they fall. One constant: The closings sales always seem to be terrible. At the Union Square Virgin Megastore, everything is currently 20% off full price. But, points out the Shophound, "That means that the CDs, which generally sold at promotional prices of around $9 to $12 the week before, are now priced higher than they were before the sale began. For example, say the new U2 CD sold for about $9.99, while the list price is $13.98, then the Closing Sale price at Virgin is now $11.14." This is exactly what last week's tipster warned us about.
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