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Diatribes: Mayle Fans Bicker About Brutal Final Sale

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Women wait in line to enter the Mayle sale on Saturday

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Coveted label Mayle held their last sale ever this past Friday and Saturday in their tiny retail space on Elizabeth Street, and as expected the event was a complete and total shitshow. Under the hot sun, women waited for up to six hours to enter. Our comments section is a testament to their frustration. You can guess what sort of response this statement received: "I snagged a pair of the clogs and managed to get an archival piece and other goodies. Was in one of the first groups. I loved the items I got and you know what it does pay to go early. I know it seemed a bit intense but come on it's Mayle's last hurrah...maybe? The staff was so nice and they really did not rush us out we were in there for close to 2 hours. And it felt like am intimate setting Jane was there helping out as well and so lovely as usual. I am truly going to miss Mayle."

In response, a reader writes: "Commenter 16, thanks for explaining why 100s of Mayle fans had to wait in line for hours and hours (or miss the sale completely, because they couldn't wait that long). You and the first ten people in were having tea and crumpets with Jane Mayle. Seriously, 2 hours?! How selfish and completely unnecessary."

But wait! There was more "unfairness" to be discussed. Another reader opines: "The main unfairness came in the friends and family sale the day earlier where it seems all the good pieces were grabbed, leaving even the first in line to look through a very picked over bunch of merchandise. If you are sour about what you got, or your wait, it's not the fault of those people who sacrificed sleep to get in early and still waited as long as anybody to get a chance to shop." There's much more in the comments thread, including an epic 600-word retort, for those who are still steamed about the whole thing.
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