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Above the Fray: Mayle Fans Spending 'Thousands' at Closeout Sale

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We have a report from inside the epic Mayle closeout sale currently taking place in Nolita. A Racked commenter writes:

Just got back 30 minutes ago. There was a ton of merchandise, lots of fall 08, spring 08, and resort 09, but it was getting picked over very fast. No baby billies as advertised; and only a few pairs of shoes that were snapped up immediately. People were buying thousands of dollars of merch and walking out with bags and bags of stuff. They were bringing out more stuff, but the manager said it wasn't gonna last. At first they were only letting in 15 or so people at a time, but they started letting more people in more quickly later.
Dresses from past seasons were $100-175; tops generally under $100, pants around $100, coats for $225-325. There were a lot of the re-editions as well, with a few still at full price ($300-400) and some marked down to around $200. It was worth it for me, as I bought a ton of new items, but I'm also a die-hard fan and waited in line for three hours. The first people in line got there at 7:30 AM!!!!
It is a beautiful day to be outside, which makes waiting three hours to enter a sample sale sort of bearable. Anyone have further reports about the scene inside, or how long the wait is to enter now? Leave 'em in the comments.
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