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RackedWire: Balducci's Clears Out; Ballet at Barneys; $1 Whale-Saving Sale at Buffalo Exchange

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CHELSEA—The closing Balducci's at Eighth and 14th hasn't quite expired yet, but the shelves look like the inside of a bachelor's refrigerator: Empty but for a jar or two of olives and a pineapple. Writes the tipster who sent in the photos above, "Really sad. Looks third world. But prices are finally affordable!" [RackedWire]

MIDTOWN EAST—An irate tipster reports poor customer service and flagrant classical dance at the Barneys flagship. Her tale: "Wednesday evening at 6 pm dropped into Barneys on Madison. You could hear a rat piss on cotton it was so empty. Entered on the men's side and was greeted by a very enthusiastic gentleman. Much different story on 4—for shoes and co-op. Not one iota of acknowledgment. I watched one salesperson practice ballet and another space hangers two fingers a part but not one 'Good evening,' smile or wink! They don't want to make money. Hell, they don't want people in the store." [Racked Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE AND WILLIAMSBURG—For its annual Earth Day sale, taking place this weekend, Buffalo Exchange is raising money for the Humane Society's Save Whales—Not Whaling campaign. Buy certain merchandise for only a dollar, and that dollar will go to the fund. The more you buy, the more money they raise, so your only excuse not to purchase a whole new wardrobe is a deep and abiding hatred of whales. [Buffalo Exchange]