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Above the Fray: Peacock Feathers Flying at Matthew Williamson for H&M

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After an hour of fending off questions by curious passersby—no, there are no celebrities in there, just designer clothing at fast-fashion prices—we're finally inside the H&M flagship on Fifth Avenue and 51st Street, where British designer Matthew Williamson's line has just been released to an eager public. Stick around—we'll have updates on the scene, the clothes, and what's left when the crowd subsides.

9:04am: The store's been open for less than ten minutes and already they're crazily refilling accessories. There should be lots of everything left but the sequin dress, leather jacket and blue suit.

9:18am: THE dress? I didn't even see it. The jumpsuit is also gone. But there's plenty of belts and accessories and cardigans and t-shirts. It's not really that bad anymore—people are just milling about, in part because the line wasn't too big to begin with.

9:21am: While THE dress is gone, the short version (which is much lighter than it looks in pictures) is still available in bulk. I'm also seeing racks and racks of Katy Perry's peacock dress.

9:23am: There's no line for the fitting room, again because the original crowd just wasn't that big. Also, the ratio of reporters and photographers to actual shoppers is about 1-3, and the press people aren't trying stuff on. (Well, not all of them, at least.) At this point we can safely say that if you want a belt or a scarf, you'll be able to get one.