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Above the Fray: Mara Hoffman Sale Mobbed

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Not sure how we overlooked the Mara Hoffman sale that began today (it's on through Sunday at 120 W 28th St), but thankfully two readers have emailed in reports. The first:

Went to the Mara Hoffman sample sale 20 minutes after it started and it was packed. A salesgirl said that they started the sale an hour earlier (eventhough the sale was advertised to start at 10AM.) There were still a good amount of dresses, tops, shoes and swimsuits left. However, it looked like a lot of the good stuff had been taken. Prices were not on the super cheap side – most things were tagged at $75-$150. I left around 11:45AM and stock looked pretty low. I overheard a salesgirl say that everything they were selling was out and they wouldn’t be replenishing. I imagine there’s probably nothing left by now.
The second: "Checked it out and prices do NOT start at $15. There are 5 price points: $25 (for tops), $50 (for skirts), $75, $100 (for dresses), and $150. So, not as cheap as advertised. Still, lots of women trying on stuff left and right in the communal changing room area. Several racks of clothing, nice prints. Didn't check out the swimwear, but there's lots to be had." If you stop by, help your fellow shoppers and leave your thoughts in the comments.
· Mara Hoffman [Official Site]