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Union Square Virgin Quietly Prepping for Big, Store-Clearing Sale

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Photo via Flickr/koolkris75

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The Virgin Megastore in Union Square has been marching towards death for about the past year and a half, and is expected to close next month, but you wouldn't know it from visiting the place today. A suspiciously well-informed Racked tipster writes:

I was just in the Virgin Megastore today at Union Square. While checking out at the cashier, I asked her about the imminent (end of May?) closing of the store and about any liquidation sale. At the moment, everything is still business as usual there. Although there are LOTS of sales on DVDs and CDs & other items ($10 this, $5 this etc), there is no sign that the store is about to close.
She told me that the sale would almost definitely start tomorrow, Thursday April 23rd, and that they are busy today removing all sale stickers from merchandise, as the sale will have everything sold at retail prices. She said tomorrow things should start at 20% off and then progress accordingly. As we were talking, she showed me a stack of DVD's she was busy removing $10 prices from.

ALSO - she said that many things are much cheaper now with the sale prices, so if there is anything on sale now, I should buy it today as tomorrow the masses will come in looking for bargains that may already exist now.

In any case, many things in the store are NOT currently on sale, so for these items the progressively better percentage off deals during the liquidation should be good assuming desirable merchandise sticks around to make it attractive.

Well, that is all good, helpful information for Virgin fans.
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