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RackedWire: Gossip Girl Tours Visit Bendel's; Matthew Williamson for H&M; Project Runway's Return

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Gossip Girl–themed windows at Henri Bendel in September
Gossip Girl–themed windows at Henri Bendel in September

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MIDTOWN EAST—The company that brings you such guided tours as "Sex and the City Hotspots" and "Sopranos Sites" has branched out to Gossip Girl. Tourists will get to ride around the Upper East Side in a bus, stopping at such show locations as the Palace Hotel, the Constant Billard School for Girls (so what if it doesn't exist? It's still a stop on the tour) and, yes, Henri Bendel. Explains our sibling site Curbed: "The tour costs $40, but the looks on the faces of horrified Bendel's shoppers might be priceless." [Curbed]

EVERYWHERE—Matthew Williamson's collection for H&M goes on sale tomorrow at 9am. We'll be there to document the insanity, as always, so keep an eye on the site and our Twitter for news, updates, and color commentary. [Racked Staff]

EVERYWHERE—Get out the calendar where you mark reality TV events four months in advance: Project Runway has a Lifetime air date! The season, the show's first shot in L.A. and aired on Lifetime, will debut August 20th at 10pm. Lifetime's adding a Tyra-esque twist with Models of the Runway, a half-hour show that airs directly after Project Runway and shows the competition from the models' points of view. [Racked Inbox]