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In the Window: A Jurassic Jamboree at Stella McCartney

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What says "welcome, spring" better than a window full of dinosaurs? We have to agree with the Stella McCartney store on West 14th Street, that dinosaurs are pretty awesome, and the more the merrier. However, we're torn between the entertaining creativity of a window like this and a tiny voice in the back of our head, saying: "It's a bunch of plastic inflatables made in China! In the display of an eco-friendly designer!"

What will happen to this Jurassic jamboree once Saturday's sunny weather shrinks them and fades their colors? Here's hoping that Stella will see fit to give them a second chance as chic pool toys.
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Stella McCartney

112 Greene Street, Soho, NY 10012 (212) 255-1556