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On Target: Jersey City is Loomstate-less

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With Target doing the usual Sunday morning in-store release of their newest designer collaboration, this round going to the organic cotton fashion of Loomstate, we headed out to Jersey City yesterday morning to take stock of the clothing. This being a Target Greatland, versus the dinky Brooklyn Target at Atlantic Terminal, we've always had the luck of finding every item of past designer collaborations here. And yet, Loomstate loses out.

Instead of the summery organic shorts, tees and swimsuits we expected to find front and center, we were thrown off by a motley assortment of their newest house-designed GO International Collection. This rack has only three pairs of harem pants? No, thank you. The scene is similarly scarce for Felix Rey handbags and Miss Trish of Capri sandals, both of which are down to their dregs.

So what's the deal with the lack of Loomstate? Target has noticeably promoted it the least compared to the press of past partnerships, but have they also chosen to ration it out amongst far more suburban stores? Since these capsule collections can be so touch-and-go in terms of quality and fit, we refuse to e-shop them. Budget fashion in person, or bust.
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