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Now Open: Desigual Embellishes Broadway

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[Photos via Desigual Barcelona/Flickr]

"Happy ideas all the time!!" screams a display in the new Desigual store, which opened recently in the former Kira Plastinina space at 594 Broadway. "Life is fantastic!"

This is the Spanish chain's first New York outpost, and from early reviews, it doesn't seem like an improvement on Kira. A Yelper writes: "If you like bright colors, loud patterns, and random quasi-Engrish phrases on your clothing, this is the store for you. Things are definitely a bit pricey (I think just a bit higher than the Euro-to-dollar conversion)—$99 for an embellished t-shirt, up to $500 for a spring coat—but probably not a hindrance to the types of people who'd be interested in this brand anyway. They're big on patchwork patterns and embroidered decorations, and did I mention the loud patterns?" A commenter on a Style Forum thread said of the brand, "When I think of Desigual I picture a Spanish guy with a mullet rocking faded jeans, a tight shirt with some random English words on it, and Diesel sneakers." Should be a hit with the tourists.
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