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RackedWire: A Silent Auction for Sparkle Week, Plus a Pop-Up Shop/Soup Kitchen Update

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FIDI—Happy Sparkle Week, everybody! This mayor-sanctioned holiday aims to help the ailing jewelry industry, and we like how the name cuts right to the chase. (Jewelry—it's shiny!) As part of the festivities, Greenwich Jewelers is holding a silent auction of various baubles and giving the proceeds to charity. Find the details and bid here; you can also bid in the store, at 64 Trinity Place just off Rector Street. [The Cut; Greenwich Jewelers]

NOLITA—The day before Thanksgiving, designer Levi Okunov opened a boutique-cum-soup-kitchen at 174 Mott Street. Called 1929, it had a Depression theme and a six-week lease. And yet it's still there. Writes a tipster: "It looked like it was closing down a few months ago and they even started hosting parties at night in the store (with a bouncer included) but then they came back with a full line of really unfortunate looking shiny puffy coats gracing the racks. Do you know anything about this store and when their lease might be up? Anything else in that location would be better than looking at those ugly coats! Also, has anyone been spotted wearing them? I don't think I've ever seen a customer walk out with a bag." It doesn't look like the store's going anywhere any time soon: Only three weeks ago they were hiring more salespeople on Craigslist. [RackedWire]

Greenwich Jewelers

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