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Pop Ups: Vitamin Water To Spill Its Diet Energy Drinks On Broadway

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Photo by PSFK

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We hope you're thirsty after today's bustle around the Topshop opening subsides, because tomorrow brings a whole other store opening to the area: a Vitamin Water pop-up shop, of all things.

Hyping their "VitaminWater10," a line of new naturally-sweetened energy drinks with only 10 calories, Vitamin Water will set up shop on Broadway just north of Houston, meaning that they're sitting pretty in a position to influence both tourists and impressionable NYU youths.

That's quite a lot of fluorescent tubes though; with fewer colors they could pass for an American Apparel. Even so, they're sure to have freebies whether it be taste tests or whole buckets of the drinks, and after spending at Topshop, we're perfectly in the mood for the comfort of free stuff.
· NYC Vitamin Water Popup Store Opening Friday [PSFK]