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Topshopocalypse Now: Inside the Store

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If you think this morning's three-hour orgy of Topshop anticipation was insane, then clearly you haven't been inside the store. Our correspondent's adventures continue below...

11:08am: I'm in. People are pillaging as if the whole store is going to disappear tomorrow. They're blasting music and the general mood is, to say the least, frenzied.

11:10am: I've taken refuge on the second floor in the Kate Moss section, which is pretty popular. There's a limit of five items per customer. The good news: They turned off the crazy music and things are much more calm. There's tons of media here—I'm going to wind up in a lot of B-roll footage. Also, the Lower East Side store Valley is here giving free manicures.

11:18am: I'm now on the third floor with the shoe salon. Up here, Williamsburg salon Woodley & Bunny is doing free makeup and hair styling.

11:20am: I'm seeing knock-offs of all sorts: Alexander Wang sweater, Louboutins.

11:38am: CNN is here, talking to two women with a ton of avant-garde dresses. This is what CNN is spending time on today. It's getting pretty full in here, but still manageable—like H&M 34th Street on a typical day. There are long lines for all the fitting rooms right now. Have tried on two things, both of which looked completely ridiculous on me.

11:44am: Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend is wandering around wearing tight-leather pants, which leads me to believe that all fashionable Brits are here.

11:51am: Now I'm in men's. It's a peaceful oasis. There are maybe 20 guys here, plus a ton of eager, skinny salespeople wandering around. The menswear is really extreme—lots of bright colors and adventurous silhouettes. Tons of accessories: Nerd glasses, bags, Britishy shoes and sneakers, ugly underwear (possibly the ugliest underwear I have ever seen.)

12:00pm: I'm on the third floor, and Debbie Harry just walked by me. She is wearing all black with a Louis Vuitton bag.

12:04pm: I've seen an excess of fringe, acid wash, leggings, really long cardigans, really short dresses and skirts, gladiators, and beadwork. But mostly fringe. There is literally fringe on everything: Sweater fringe, leather fringe, feather fringe, you name it.

12:37pm: That's it. I'm officially done. Checkout items of note: When you pay, they give you a tote bag (a different one from the ones they were handing out this week) and a sleeveless top with the Union Jack printed on it. Also, if you have multiple gift cards, they'll let you combine them, even if one is for women and one's for TopMan.


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