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Now Open: Ryantown Annexes the Backroom at Earnest Sewn

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It's been far too long since we ventured into the deliciously mercurial 420-square-feet tucked in the back of MePa's Earnest Sewn. Is it here that mini shops and exhibitions have been held since 2005, featuring some of Earnest Sewn's favorites from elsewhere in the retail and art worlds. From now until May 31, they're welcoming Rob Ryan's Ryantown, an installation of the work and products from this Irish artist based out of London.

Having previously collaborated with the likes of Liberty of London and Paul Smith, Rob is no stranger to cross-branding, and has developed $65 special edition T-shirts just for the Earnest Sewn backroom. In addition, there's a sweet wall of his $5 laser-cut cards, a tableful of $50 denim teddy bears, plates, $16.95 signed books, handkerchiefs and more. Need some funky packaging tape, a T-shirt for a baby or a ceramic aroma nightlight? It's all there. Nonetheless, the work will mainly appeal to those already fans of Rob's art, since we can hardly think of the last time we dropped some cash on a purposeless wood trinket.
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