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Above the Fray: Shoes Are Flying at the Tashkent Sale in Hell's Kitchen

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Located in a bright, sunny fifth-floor room watched over by a handsome dog, the Tashkent by cheyenne sale is an extremely pleasant place to spent 45 minutes frantically trying on gladiator heels. The stock is small, it's going fast, and it's not going to be replenished, meaning that we feel a little guilty reviewing what might very well be a bunch of empty shelves by now. Prices range from $25 for select flats to $50 for heels and other flats to $75 for booties and yet more flats. A smattering of tall boots went for $150, and several tables up front were loaded with chain-heavy jewelry ($30 to $90) . Do note that the signage is confusing: There are print-outs with price numbers everywhere, and the color of the number corresponds to the color of a small dot on the box, so the rack next to the $25 sign does not necessarily have $25 shoes.
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