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Discontinued: Cadeau Maternity Goes Belly Up

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As our friends in LA reported last month, Cadeau Maternity stores everywhere are closing due to parent company Babystyle's money woes. From Racked LA: "The company had been in trouble for a while: It filed for bankruptcy almost exactly a year ago, though it was rescued by Right Start, which purchased it last summer. Then, in January, Right Start went out of business itself, leaving local parents bereft."

People in California are up in arms—understandably, as Babystyle has four stores out there. The fallout hasn't been as severe here, though, as there's only one NYC Cadeau boutique. It's on Elizabeth Street in Nolita, and it is closing next Wednesday. That means, of course, a clearance sale: Until the shutter's pulled down for good, maternity clothing is up to 50% off (and you can take an additional 10% off with this flier on Tuesday and Wednesday).
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