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And the Most Fashionable Website Award Goes To...

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This is for all you devotees of online shopping: the nominees for the annual Webby Awards have just been announced, and we're in both shock and awe at some of the choices. Check them out for yourself above.

For one, the Webby Awards do not take into account the solidity of your business, just overall website design, content and function, and so this explains how the beleaguered Marc Ecko made it into the race. He also managed to rank under the "Personal Web Site" category. Quelle horreur!

What do we have to say for the other honored https? Only a few parting shots:

· We've long been annoyed with the format of Costume National's horizontal-scrolling blog.
· The Victoria's Secret Online Video Fashion Show Series, while also a nominee for "Event" websites, is rarely updated and pales in comparison to what is coming out of the websites of Agent Provocateur and Viktor & Rolf, but then they aren't American sites.
· While trying to refresh our memories with regard to Red Issue, we note that their website is failing to load. Need we say much else?
· Perhaps the only website with which we agree on their nomination for a Webby is adidas, which consistently pours dumptruckfuls of money into the virtual homes of their many sub-brands, money which pays off as we actually enjoy their sites.

Who do you think should win the Fashion Webby? Like us, do you have any beef with the contenders above? Do tell, and remember to vote here before April 30.

· Webby Awards 2009 [Official Site]

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