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Above The Fray: Great Bargains (Relatively Speaking) at Greg Mills

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Midtown showroom Greg Mills opened their space on West 39th Street this morning for a small sample sale to clear out stock from designers like Vicente Villarin and Y&Kei. We stopped by this afternoon, intrigued by promises of 50 to 90% off wholesale. What we found was a few racks hung with pretty formalwear: dresses, whispy tops, skirts, gowns, jackets and coats. The prices ranged from $50 to $400, with many pieces landing in the neighborhood of $75 to $150. Not cheap, but these are garments that originally retailed for thousands. That's why you'll be trying them on in a showroom bathroom, instead of the fitting room at Barneys.
· Dealfeed: Greg Mills Ltd. [Racked]