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Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

If there was any lingering doubt about the Garance Doré/Sartorialist relationship, Refinery29 erases it today with a look at Garance's personal style. In the article, filled with photos of Garance taken by Scott, they call him her "boyfriend". And in response to this question, "Do you find anyone particularly inspiring, living or dead, from a fashion/style perspective? Why?" She answers, 'Honestly? Scott Schuman. Even before we met, his vision of fashion had influenced mine...And also just as a human being, he inspires me. He's passionate about books, films, travel, about fashion with its many faces, be it a tailor in some forgotten back corner of Italy, the phenomena that is Marc Jacobs, or some unknown who had just come up with the perfect new way to tie a scarf. I just love him. I love that aspect about him. I love that perspective. I love that openness.' [Refinery29]