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Rants: Why are Chase Staffers So Aggressive?

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Image via Consumerist/Flickr

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"Can you guys please help me get the word out about an obnoxious practice that has sprung from the Mo Banks era of ever-expanding bank branches?" Thus begins an epic rant that just appeared in our inbox from a reader who's still irate about a bad experience at Chase. "I'm talking about the overly aggressive bank staffers who don't have shit to do because their branch is empty, so they harass you and try to pull you aside while you try to do simple transactions at the teller or use the ATM." Really? Do tell us more:

The Chase on Bowery in the old CBGB space is a bad offender, but the absolute worst is the Chase on W. 50th street near Rockefeller Center. Today I entered from street level and had to go down an escalator and there were like 4-5 suited people at the bottom staring and smiling at me. My instinct was to run back up the escalator, it was really intimidating. Then I told like 5 separate people who were circling me like sharks that I was fine and preferred the teller. And then one guy went so far as to grab my withdrawal slip out of my hand!! He saw it and was like, 'Oh, you don't know your account number? I can help you with that from over here...' It was unreal.
Then when I was leaving, it was so funny, I went through the subway level lobby where the ATMs are. There was NO line and like 4 empty ATM stations...and this suit was trying to convince a guy who'd just walked in that he could help him, and the guy was like, 'No, i just want $20... how can you be faster at getting my $20 than this empty ATM machine?'
It's a sad day when bank employees have to hang out by ATMs begging for your attention. Sadder still, our reader points out the only solution: Go to busier branches, where being part of a crowd ironically winds up saving you time and hassle.
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