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Diamonds Are a Guy's Best Friend at H&M

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It was an innocent visit to the H&M on Fifth Avenue and West 18th Street which brought us into contact with a mineload of diamonds this weekend. It's too bad they are faker than Madonna and Jesus (the contemporary version).

You'd think we would have expected something like this to be hiding out over in men's, since women's accessories is full of plastic bangles, plexi necklaces and snakeskin-print clutches; but to be so flashy and $4.90? We might use them to bedazzle a jean jacket, if the '80s have indeed returned, but other than that, we are highly suspect of H&M's little leap to bringing back the bling trend. How do you feel about wearing obviously fake bling despite the current pared-down recession chic? Would you pay $4.90 for these, or are they to be interred with gag gifts? Let us know in the comments.
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