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Dirty Old Men & Andrea Peyser Drawn to Kiehl's Shave-a-thon

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A few weeks ago, a press release notable for its sheer weirdness was sent out. The subject? A Kiehl's event, wherein Svetlana Pankratova, the woman with the world's longest legs, would be shaving them for charity. The shave-a-thon was yesterday, at the Kiehl's store in Greenwich Village. For some reason, screw-loose Post columnist Andrea Peyser attended, and in her writeup of the stunt somehow makes the entire thing seem even more disturbing than it could have possibly been.

[Svetlana] seemed to have no clue as to how she was perceived by the handful of men who gathered to gawk. "This night, I can sleep. I dream of her!" gushed Rogelio Aponte, 80...Anthony T., 66, gushed, "I saw her in a magazine." So he crowded into the room with a camera phone. "I'm impressed," he whispered. "Very impressed."
If you think that whispered quotes from a bunch of old men staring at a woman shaving her legs are disturbing, you didn't make it to the last line of the article, where Peyser noted that "She never bled." Okay! Uncle, Andrea Peyser, uncle. Thanks for the, ah, thorough reportage.
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