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Great Moments in Business Journalism: Forbes Interviews Barbie

"Barbie" and friends at New York Fashion Week
"Barbie" and friends at New York Fashion Week

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There are so many strange things about the Forbes business section's interview with Barbie that the whole fictional character factor barely even registers. For one thing, they printed her answers in pink, something they don't do for any other interview subject (no matter how much Warren Buffett begs). Also, the first question is "How do you keep it real?" Ultimately, though, the summit turned out to be surprisingly revealing. What we learned about Barbie on the eve of her fiftieth birthday:

1.) She and Ken are no longer an item. "Ken is a very good friend now. He has been by my side for decades, and he will always be a part of my life." WHAT? When did this happen? (Should we presume Ken's whole Earring Magic phase had something to do with it?)

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