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RackedWire: Aretha's Inauguration Hat Goes Down in History; LA Vintage Coming to Flatiron District

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WASHINGTON, DC—Remember Aretha Franklin's bedazzled felt hat from the Obama inauguration? (Do we really have to ask?) Franklin announced this morning that she would lend it to the Smithsonian museum temporarily, then give it to the Obama library. Via Twitter, the hat issued the following statement: "You suckaz who haven't BEEN to the Smithsonian should step BACK. Will be on display for all the h8rs to see. In my OWN plexiglass box." [Flypaper; Twitter]

FLATIRON—A tipster emails to tell us about a new vintage store coming in on 17th Street: "OMG! I'm loathe to do this but I really like this lady and from my old days in LA she really helped me out with awesome stuff at killer prices. Now that I can have my LA vintage here in NYC, I feel like I should give back. So heads up! Shareen Vintage is in NYC and I'm stoked. In my good humor, I'm letting you all in on it. First she was in LI but she has new space on 17th and 6th....opening next month. Mazel Tov!!!" Now that's the kind of enthusiasm we like to see. [RackedWire]