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Mystery of the Crying Model in Milan, Solved

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The Nancy Drews over at WSJ blog Heard on the Runway will not let the story of the crying model in Milan go. After noting that tears were flowing from model Auguste Abeliunaite's eyes during the Jil Sander show, they contacted Sander's PR to find out what had upset the girl. The response was categorical denial that the crying had taken place. Then, someone claiming to be Auguste commented on the post, saying that her tears were due to sensitivity to the show's strong lights, and all the camera flashes.

Today, the blog has official word from Auguste's agent Piero Piazzi, who says that the waterworks were indeed a result of her delicate eyes (and not painful shoes, or exhaustion, or hunger, or a need to make a non-verbal statement about the economy). Mystery solved! It's amazing how a few tears could generate such a wave of publicity for the young model, who is still a student in Lithuania.
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