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We Just Got Back from the Gareth Pugh Show in Paris

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At 11am EST, gothic wonderboy Gareth Pugh was due to livecast his Paris collection show on Nick Knight's SHOWstudio website. We tuned in, as did half the fashion world, and were stunned to see something more like creepy music video and less like formal runway presentation. If we are to judge anything from @Fashionista's breathless tweet on location--"hahah it's a video! I flew all the way to Paris & we're all going to see the same thing!"--then this film is the end-all, be-all for Gareth's F/W 2009 collection.

Since it's still early on and the reviews (and eventual editor disappointments at being denied a runway show) have yet to trickle in, we'll donate a few quick impressions:
All in all, the video is like how we would imagine a Rick Owens dream after watching Coneheads. Rest assured there are no actual coneheads, but squarehead hats do steal the show along with dramatic, thigh-high leather boots seemingly inspired by talons. For our favorite part, fast-forward to 4:20 to see how it would look for a model to be birthed from a bronze Moncler jacket. After this, the clothing kind of evolves into a hybrid of Issey Miyake and Madonna in her "Frozen" video. In other words, it's awesome. This stuff will be on Beyonce Sasha Fierce in no time.
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