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Topshop 'Not the Holy Grail'

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A Racked commenter writes: "I like Topshop—I'm English and have shopped there for too many years and I am delighted there will be one in NYC now. But it isn't the paradise you think—some items are tacky knock-offs, others are, indeed, great. It's a great resource but its not the holy grail so many bloggers seem to think. A lot of the stock is poorly made and overpriced. I have items I've loved for years, and fabulous well-made finds, but you have to pick and chose carefully. And they will have sales all year round, I bet. All Topshops have reduced racks, like Club Monaco, J.Crew and many other retailers here. They aren't like Zara who only reduce clothes twice a year. Their quality is also better than Zara, whose items disintegrate on wearing." [Racked Comments]


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