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Pop Ups: Miraval Living's Sky-High Mini Mall

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A model living room at Miraval Living

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Luxury developments are doing about as well as luxury retailers these days—which is to say, horribly. But what if you combined the two, opening a designer mini mall inside model apartments in a new high rise? It'd be a runaway success! Well, that's what Miraval Living is hoping. The UES condo has decided to fill six fancy, empty 28th-floor apartments with clothing and accessories for the weekend (Friday the 3rd through Sunday the 5th). The lengthy, diverse list of participating brands includes M Missoni, Phillip Bloch for Emma & Posh, AKA New York, Haute Hippie, Be&D, nathan & moe, Jamin Puech, Leslie Greene jewelry, DANNIJO jewelry, flutter jewelry, Hooch bags, Monalda4, ViX and Brette Sandler. They've also signed Lancôme up to give customers mini-makeovers, and have TyKu Liqueur, Nespresso and Hint water as beverage sponsors.

From the note that landed in the Racked Inbox:

Fashion and real estate are two of the hardest hit industries in this down economy... Department stores are empty, while model apartments gather dust. Rather than jump on the doom-and-gloom band wagon Miraval Living has joined forces with some prestigious brands to make lemonade out of lemons and create something exciting for brands AND consumers, while at the same time driving fresh foot traffic into the development...
Miraval has also partnered with charity Bottomless Closet, so shoppers must bring gently worn or new clothing and/or accessories to gain entrance. At the very least, your old tennis shoes will net you a free coffee.
· Miraval Living [Official Site]