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Sony VAIO Still Milking Their Fashion Week Patronage

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Did Sony not get the memo that Fashion Week ended over a month ago? If it was awkward the first time, to have live models pose as mannequins holding the new slim notebook, then it probably isn't the best idea to focus your Madison Avenue windows on the same concept.

Truthfully, the whole charade was kind of creepy, and we suppose the only good thing we can say for the current display is that at least it is sporting real mannequins.

This is all the result of the release of Sony's newest laptop, which is about the size and weight of a clutch, and so they've added a fashion spin to the marketing of it. Enlisting designers like Elise Overland, Libertine, Benjamin Cho, ThreeASFOUR, Katy Rodriguez and Cushnie et Ochs to outfit the models during Fashion Week, Sony is now getting its money's worth by "creating dioramas in windows of 40 of its stores across the country featuring mannequins wearing the labels’ clothing."

At the SonyStyle store on Madison, the mannequins tote around special clutches for the laptops, also designed especially for the displays. It's too bad the creative cases aren't available for purchase, because if we have to buy another plain neoprene sleeve again, we might just stomp around in a fit of retail frustration. Yea it's like that, Sony; if you're going to flaunt your patronage of designers, then at least sell something of theirs. Jeez.
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