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RackedWire: Kiosk Waxes Lyrical About Pottery; Wine Bill Withers on the Vine

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SOHO—"You are walking through the forest, imagine that as you normally live in a city, and suddenly you are hit on the head by a large object. It hurts. You want to start crying but you realize that's the way it goes in the wild, no pain no gain, it's survival of the fittest. The weird thing is you look down and realize what hit you on the head is not from nature, it is not stone or any type of flora. What hit you looks like a tree growth but it's made of ceramic. Where are you? Is this forest inhabited by little creatures making pottery all day long?" This bit of prose poetry is Kiosk's way of letting us know that they're hosting an exhibit by Swedish ceramicist Sara Isaksson From. (That's an example of her work, at right). The show started yesterday and runs through April 11; if you stop by tomorrow, you can meet the artist. [Racked Inbox]

NEW YORK—The dream of a New York City where grocery stores sell wine has officially died. Governor Patternson had been considering a bill that would allow regular food shops to carry booze, but Crains reports that it's been taken off the table. [Crains; Previously]